Controlled energy footprint

Biomass and photovoltaic energy production allow the Archimbaud Group to come closer to energy neutrality. With an annual production of 29.1 GW for a consumption of 38.6 GW, the group produces 3/4 of the energy it consumes.



Committed to a continuous logic of material recovery and reduction of its energy footprint, the group invested in the construction of Cogéland in 2014. This biomass power plant, located at the Labouheyre (Landes) production site, has a nominal power of 15 MW, enabling it to produce 3.4 MW/h of electricity and 8.7 MW/h of heat. The electrical production is entirely injected into the general network and covers the annual consumption needs of approximately 6,000 households. The heat produced is entirely dedicated to the industrial needs of the Archimbaud group.

In addition to the thermal energy produced by Cogéland, 13 biomass boilers provide all the group's sites with a thermal capacity of 56 MW. This energy covers all the needs of industrial production: sawdust drying and pallet dryers.

Photovoltaic sector

Exploiting the surfaces of its most recent buildings, the group produces electrical energy for the network. The Saint-Romans-les-Melle storage platform has 5,700 m² of roof space fitted with photovoltaic panels with an annual production capacity of 800 kWp.