With an annual production of 7 million transport pallets, the Archimbaud group is one of the main players in the French supply chain. By guaranteeing a fully integrated production process “made in France”, it is a partner for your logistical efficiency.

Supported by Migeon, the Archimbaud group’s pallet production benefits from 11 high-speed nailing lines distributed over four workshops located in New Aquitaine. The processes, dynamic industrial tools and employee involvement guarantee unique productivity for standardised or customised pallets of high quality at competitive prices.


Manufactured exclusively from thinned wood, the pallets produced by the Archimbaud Group give preference to local species, sourced close to its manufacturing sites. Maritime pine, Douglas fir, spruce, fir, larch or poplar: the Archimbaud Group's renowned expertise allows you to choose the wood best suited to the use of your pallets.

  • 9 sawing lines
  • 11 high-speed nailing lines
  • Smoothing
  • 20 drying cells (stability and aesthetics)
  • Nimf15 treatment units (sanitary guarantee for international transport)
  • 3 paint booths (customisation)
  • Ink or hot stamping
  • Storage yards: 20 ha/4 ha under cover
  • Composite blocks made of chipboard or solid wood
  • Double PEFC and Bois de France certification

Traceability, adaptability, productivity and customisation: Migeon pallets meet the most demanding specifications.

The Archimbaud Group is the French leader in the manufacture of 2-way entry herringbone pallets, and is also a reference in the production of standard or customised 4 entry pallets. Construction, food processing, agriculture, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, chemicals: whatever your sector of activity, our wooden pallets ensure the transport, storage and integrity of your goods. Our storage capacity (200,000 m2 - including 40,000 m2 under cover) coupled with our network of transport partners enables us to manage your stock of pallets and to ensure your supply throughout the year.

Palettes Migeon

Recycled wood composite blocks

Representing up to 30% of its volume, the composite blocks constitute an important part of the pallet. By placing the use of exclusively recycled wood at the heart of its specifications, Archiblock® is the ‘composite block solution' for high environmental performance pallets.

Standard pallets


EPAL pallet:

EPAL pallet: the wooden EPAL Euro pallet is the standard for the transport and exchange of pallets within Europe. The Europe pallets manufactured by the Archimbaud Group comply in every respect with the EPAL certification standards.


CP Pallet (Chemicals)

designed for the transport of chemicals, our CP pallets are manufactured with safety in mind when handling and transporting this category of products.


VMF pallet (Verreries )

Intended for the transport of bottles, the VMF pallet is today more particularly intended for wine transport as well as for the liquid packaging and bottling industries.

Wooden pallet, perimeter, 4 entries and framed base.


GALIA pallet (Automotive)

Standard in the automotive industry, the GALIA pallet (Groupement pour l'Amélioration des Liaisons dans l'Industrie Automobile) facilitates the transport of all components involved in automotive production.


IBC pallet (plastic containers)

Intended for the storage and transport containers of liquids or powders from many industrial sectors (water, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.), the IBC pallet (Intermediate Bulk, Container) is the standard support for these plastic containers.


Fruit pallets

With 3 or 5 soles, fruit pallets meet the standards of fruit and vegetable transport.


Customised pallets

The experts of the Archimbaud Group are attentive to the supply chain and analyse your loading and handling requirements. By optimising the structure and sizing of your custom-made wooden packaging, they advise you and seek the best strength/volume ratio.

They are available to help you choose the right pallets for your transport and storage requirements, and offer marking, treatment and painting solutions to distinguish your pallets in the supply chain.

Our prototyping workshop carries out pre-series tests before going into production. Our industrial tool can adapt to all the dimensional, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of your pallets.