RESPECTING the resource

From the arrival of the logs to the production of sawdust, pallets, recycled wood composite blocks, pellets or energy, the Archimbaud Group transforms the resource of wood down to the smallest waste to give it a sustainable value.

The president's words

Heir to a family tradition that taught me to transform natural resources into useful (often indispensable) assets for the society in which we evolve, I have chosen to guide the development of the Archimbaud sawmill according to this founding value: the usefulness of our products, our growth, our waste. This permanent search for the “best service” has enabled the sawmill to become a solid group renowned for its commitment to industrial ecology.

  • Today, the Archimbaud Group is making the most of a resource in the areas where it is located, creating the jobs needed to reinvigorate rural dynamics and actively contributing to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Jean-Pascal Archimbaud

Photo du président Archimbaud

Discover our products


  • Pallets

    As one of the leading pallet manufacturers in France, the Archimbaud group has the great advantage of controlling the entire production chain, from the forest to the customised pallet. Security of supply, anticipation and adaptation to the available resource are the basis of the relationship of trust with companies seeking logistical efficiency. Whether for food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical or construction products, the wooden pallets produced by Migeon ensure the transport and storage of products. Traceability, adaptability, productivity and customisation are its guarantees.

  • Sawdust

    The 8 sawmill lines distributed between Landes and Deux-Sèvres process more than 300,000 M3 of wood each year. A historical activity of the group, softwood sawing is mainly intended for the manufacture of pallets.

    The 2 large cutting lines at Secondigné-sur-Belle and Secondigny allow us to develop poplar, a sustainable and profitable species. Partly transformed into pallet beams and offered to the furniture, construction and toy industries, poplar is a key element of the Archimbaud group’s commitment to forestry.

  • Archiblock® pallet composite blocks

    With the creation of Archiblock®, the Archimbaud Group takes another step forward in innovation for the circular economy and material recovery in 2020. Representing 25% of a pallet’s volume, composite blocks are an important part of the packaging sector. By putting the use of exclusively recycled wood at the heart of its specifications, Archiblock® is helping to make pallets more responsible.

  • Wood pellets

    With an annual production capacity of 200,000 tonnes, the three pellet plants in Landes, Deux-Sèvres and Savoie place the Archimbaud group at the top of the list of French production and position it as an important player in the Italian market. Produced by compressing sawdust under high pressure and without the addition of other materials, wood pellets have an exceptional caloric output, ideal for heating. Recognised today as the wood-based energy solution with the lowest CO2 emissions, pellets have become an essential part of the energy mix for low-carbon heating.


Focus on


The only French pallet blocks 100% recycled and EPAL certified !

Launched in 2020, Archiblock® is the first French industrial unit to offer 100% recycled wooden pallet blocks. To establish itself in a demanding market, Archiblock® obtains EPAL certification and is thus the only French producer of composite blocks to obtain the label. The work carried out on a daily basis by all the teams on the Mauzé-sur-Mignon site makes it possible to achieve very thorough quality control: precise nailing guaranteed and elimination of the risk of shards or flashes. Choosing Archiblock® also means reducing drying time by 30% at the end of production and dividing hot stamping times by 3. With a production capacity increased by 50% in one year – 6 lines in total – Archiblock® is the solution that helps reducing the use of solid wood in a context of wood shortage : a winning choice across the board. EPAL, UIC, PEFC certified and NIMP 15 approved.

The Archimbaud Fundpour l’Homme et la Forêt

Created in September 2016 by Jean-Pascal Archimbaud, the Archimbaud Fund pour l’Homme et la Forêt (for man and the forest) has the dual purpose of protecting and perpetuating the group and supporting projects of general interest in the fields of agroforestry, research and creation around wood.

This endowment fund is not like any other. It is destined to become a majority shareholder of the Archimbaud group in a long-term perspective. Its founder has committed to transferring the company to it in the form of an irrevocable donation, in accordance with a governance model that is highly developed in Northern Europe. This shareholder foundation will thus oversee strategic decisions and support philanthropic projects while respecting the entrepreneurial and humanistic values attached to the Archimbaud family name: a unique model to be discovered.