Archiblock® composite pallet blocks
the first 100% recycled, 100% recyclable French pallet composite blocks

Representing up to 30% of the volume of a pallet, the composite block is an important part of it. Made of chipboard exclusively from recycled wood, Archiblock® is the most ecological composite block on the market. It contributes to eco-responsible pallets.

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Enhancing the value of the material

With an annual production capacity of 130 million cubes, Archiblock® can recover up to 100,000 tonnes of material destined for disposal. All recycled wood used in Archiblock® production is sourced within a maximum radius of 100 km from the production site located in Mauzé-sur-le-Mignon on the Atlantic Arc.

For stronger pallets

Naturally resistant to staining, fungi and mould, Archiblock® also has excellent resistance to nail extraction: the assembled pallet is more resistant to ageing.

Quality guarantee

  • In the laboratory, all the materials used in the composition of the product - recycled wood and resin - are subject to permanent control.
  • The manufacturing process and continuous quality control guarantee that each Archiblock® composite block has perfect dimensional stability. This stability is tested during an accelerated ageing cycle in the laboratory (random samples are taken from each production run).
  • The resistance to nail pull-out is also tested by random sampling.

Energy efficiency

  • The production of an Archiblock® saves 75% of the energy needed to dry the material of a traditional chipboard composite block.
  • During the production of the pallet, the drying time at the end of production is reduced by 30%.
  • Thanks to its particularly low moisture content, Archiblock® allows a threefold increase in productivity during hot stamping.

Optimising the resource

The elimination of the rafter sawing operation reduces the material loss by 5%.

Security of implementation

The manufacturing methods adopted by Archiblock® ensure a full and homogeneous shape:

  • 100% secure nailing when assembling the pallet.
  • Eliminates the risk of splintering or flashing.

All your ready-to-assemble pallet components in one delivery: simplify your logistics and optimise your storage capacity by grouping raw and/or chamfered boards, composite pallet blocks and/or solid wood blocks on the same transport.