Shareholder Foundation

« I created the Archimbaud Fund pour l’Homme et la Forêt in September 2016 in order to protect and perpetuate the company while supporting projects of general interest. This endowment fund is intended to become the majority shareholder of the Archimbaud Group in the long term, as I am committed to transferring my company to it, in the form of an irrevocable donation, according to a governance model that is very widespread in Northern Europe. This shareholder endowment fund will oversee strategic decisions and support philanthropic projects while respecting the entrepreneurial and humanist values attached to my family name. A unique model to discover.» Jean-Pascal Archimbaud


Economic mission of the Fund

The Archimbaud Fund pour l’Homme et la Forêt is one of the first French shareholder foundations. It owned 10% of the Archimbaud Group in 2016, and now owns 25%. It will eventually become its majority shareholder with a stake of over 70%.

Protection of the company

Thanks to a stable and long-term shareholding - an endowment fund cannot be bought out - the Fonds Archimbaud contributes to the sustainability of the company.


As a majority shareholder, the Fund is directly involved in the governance of the company and will become a key player in strategic decision-making.


Receiving the company's shares in an irrevocable and inalienable way, the endowment fund becomes the guardian of the founding values and the responsible development model over time.

Philanthropic mission of the fund 

The Archimbaud Fund gives its philanthropic commitment a dimension of local innovation and co-construction, with a dual objective of social and environmental impact.

Thanks to the dividends received from the company of which it is a shareholder, and to all kinds of possible income (corporate sponsorship, donations/legacies of plots of land, donations/legacies of shares of other companies, etc.), it supports projects of general interest.

Re-establish and develop sustainable links between Man, trees and forests, on a local, national and even international scale.

Support initiatives of general interest that strengthen the link between Man, the tree and its environment.

Promote the emergence of new models for the preservation and integration of forestry and agroforestry resources.

What is an endowment fund?

« An endowment fund is a non-profit legal entity under private law, which receives and manages, by capitalising on them, assets and rights of any kind which are contributed to it free of charge and irrevocably, and uses the income from the capitalisation to carry out a work or a mission of general interest. » (Law on the Modernisation of the Economy, August 2008).

What is a shareholder foundation?

Foundation or similar structure holding all or part of the capital and voting rights of a commercial enterprise. This generic term is translated into different legal statuses depending on the country (foundation, FRUP, endowment fund, perpetuity fund). The shareholder foundation fulfils both an economic mission (which varies according to the responsibilities devolved to it) and a philanthropic mission financed mainly by the dividends of the company in which it holds the capital.

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