Biomass boiler for two new pallet dryers at Migeon

Launched at the end of 2020, the major modernization project at the Migeon pallet production site (Secondigny, 79) has reached its first stage: a biomass boiler supply energy to two new pallet dryers that will be housed in a new wood-frame storage building.

Financed in part with the support of ADEME and France Relance, this equipment has a strong ecological as well as economic value.

The biomass boiler with a thermal capacity of 1.8 MW is fuelled by the sawmill by-products on the site and is fully in line with the Archimbaud group's eco-environmental growth strategy. The additional added value for the pallets produced on the site lies in a controlled humidity level, which meet the needs of the most demanding customers (food industry, pharmaceutical or cosmetic). The weekly drying capacity of the site is now 10,000 pallets.

These investments also allow the Archimbaud group to eliminate the equivalent of 80000 km (49709 miles) of truck transportation between its various industrial sites for its drying needs, i.e. a reduction of 220 T. of CO2 each year.

Discover the Migeon facility and the video produced by Ademe to promote this initiative as an example.

Biomass boiler palett dryer
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